The exhibition highlights historical moments and incredible scenery of nature, from the highest peaks of Himalaya to the depths of the ocean, from the Arctic Sea in the north to the most secluded rainforests.

With the photography of National Geographic, the diversity of the world is brought to Kalmar, with both its nature and people from many different cultures. We partake in the stubborn curiosity of humankind and realize what we are willing to endure in our exploration of the world´s deepest and most profound mysteries. We encounter the endless grandeur of nature. We are brought to the realization – but only if we are ready for it – that humankind is only one out of many different species living on earth, and that this means we have responsibilities.

The work of about fifty photographers will be put on display in the Burnt Hall. There will be photographs picturing the polar voyager Peary from 1909, the first Americans that climbed Mount Everest, the rocket launch for the moon, and of Jane Goodall’s and Dian Fossey´s encounters with chimpanzees and gorillas. The exhibition also highlights some of the world´s best photographers such as Steve McCurry, well known for his “Afghan girl”, Jim Brandenburg, who with his powerful themes of nature raises awareness of environmental issues, and Nick Nicholas, who has taken his pictures in the most remote corners of the earth. The Swedish photographers whose work is displayed are Mattias Klum and Hans Strand.

The exhibition was made in collaboration with National Geographic and Better Moments.