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About Kalmar Castle

The Swedish-Danish border was located only a short distance to the south, since the southern regions of Scania and Blekinge were Danish territories until the mid-17th century. The history of the castle is intertwined with that of Sweden’s.

To this day the majestic castle thrones on an islet in the city of Kalmar. It carries a history both light and dark, glimmering of hope and joy, whilst clouded by dark streaks of sorrow and despair. It invites you to discover its stories, secrets, and mysteries.

Princess in a tower

Kalmar's most old-fashioned sight

With plenty to discover! Join our guided tours, discover the Royal state apartments, visit the dungeon, take a ghost tour, or simply stroll along the ramparts and take in the beautiful vista. There’s plenty to see and do. Visit our permanent exhibitions that tell the stories of the Kalmar Union, the Kalmar War, or the golden age of the Vasa kings. You can also participate in any of the numerous events that take place throughout the year.

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Guided Tour

Guided tours

At Kalmar Castle we display permanent exhibitions that tell the dramatic history of the castle, but also temporary exhibitions with different themes.

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