Immerse yourself in the world of glass and experience contemporary Swedish glass artwork of many different expressions. In 10 ways with Swedish glass, you will encounter ten active glass artists who all contribute to the diversity and vitality of this art form.

The exhibition has been created specifically for Kalmar Castle and the participating artists have been selected to bring an exciting dynamic to the exhibition and the Burnt Hall. The works of art take up the entire space of the hall and provide us with a grand experience of glass in all its forms. The ten artists bring the traditions of glass artwork into the present. They have also developed their art in different directions so that it embodies their own world of perception.
The artists that participate in 10 ways with Swedish glass are Bertil Vallien, Birgitta Ahlin & Sirkka Lethonen, Ditte Johansson, Fredrik Nielsen, Inga-Lena Klenell, Karl-Magnus Nilsson, Ludvig Löfgren, Peter Hermansson and Terese William Waenerlund. All of them are in one way or other connected to Glasriket.

The exhibition has been produced in collaboration with The Glass Factory and Maja Heuer.