Discover the world of Emil in Lönneberga! This is a playful exhibition with things to enjoy for young children, but you will also find original drawings by Björn Berg, the artist that illustrated Astrid Lindgren’s books about Emil. The exhibition is therefore an experience for both children and adults.

The children can play in environments such as the kitchen of Katthult, the storehouse, and Emil’s carpenter’s shed. They can also dress up as Emil or his little sister Ida. Of course, the books about Emil can also be found here, if you would like to sit down and read a story. The original drawings by Björn Berg are put on display on the walls. The rich watercolors bring the tender portrayal of Emil to life, and they provide us with an image of Småland of the past.

The exhibition is produced by Kulturen in Lund together with the artist’s children, Maja and Torbjörn Berg.