Accessibility - Kalmar Slott - ett riktigt slott kalmar slott


All operators at Kalmar Castle work continuously to increase the accessibility for people with a functional disorder who visit the castle. On our webpage, we regularly publish information about the improvements that are made in this regard. Below you will find a list of the different means of assistance that we can offer at this time, as well as any hindrances or problems that may arise. Do not hesitate to contact us at Kalmar Castle if you have any questions about your visit.

Disabled parking
Parking for people with a functional disorder can be found at the end of the avenue leading to the castle. The distance to the castle itself is about 100 meters. Check the heading "Parking" to find these parking spaces on a map.

General information
Not all public areas of Kalmar Castle are available for visit with a wheelchair. An attendant or assistant always has free admittance to the castle. No dogs may be present inside the castle itself, with the exception of guide dogs. Portable camp stools can be brought along during the visit. They are found close to the castle shop/entrance. Contact the staff if you need assistance. A toilet for handicapped can be found in the outer courtyard (closed November -March)

Baby carriage
Because of the castle's historical and sensitive environments, and in order not to hinder evacuation, it is not allowed to brings strollers or baby carriages inside the castle. These can be parked in the inner courtyard, by the castle shop. The castle assumes no responsibility for baby carriages.

Thanks to the project Dignified Entrance, the addition of a lift in Kalmar Castle has made the Green Hall, the Castle Church, the Barracks Hall and the Golden Hall are now accessible for disabled people. The dimensions of the lift are: Door opening 90 cm, area 145x167 cm. By the lift door in the inner courtyard it is possible to call on the staff for assistance. The other sections of the castle are as of yet not adapted for people with a disability.

Good to know about the stairs
The public sections of Kalmar Castle are divided between different floors. The areas that cannot be reached via the lift (see above section) must be accessed by using stairs. From the inner courtyard, you must climb seven steps to reach the shop/entrance. To get to the toilets from the shop/entrance, you must climb six steps with two landings in-between. To get to the Royal Apartments and exhibitions from the shop/entrance you must climb twenty-four steps, with three landings in-between where you can rest. To reach the Governor's Apartments from the shop/entrance, you must climb eight steps with one landing in-between.

Hearing loop
If you require hearing aid, we make use of a traditional hearing loop in the Green Hall, our concert- and conference hall.