Royal fun at the Children´s Castle!

In the summer, Kalmar Castle turns into the children’s own castle. Here the children get the chance to challenge the Black Knight and to be ceremoniously dubbed in the castle hall. Or why not try the treasure hunt, or meet the castle princess? The Children’s Castle is filled with activities for both large and small children. The adventure begins the same moment that the children enter the courtyard!

The Castle Tournament

In the Castle Tournament you get the chance to perform great deeds! The adventure begins when you enter the courtyard and you put on the squire´s frock. Suddenly, you find yourself at the beginning of the 16th century, and you must defend Kalmar Castle from the enemy.

Then follows one challenge after the next. How about taking on the dragon, study the stars at Astro´s tower, or training with the Black Knight? At the end of the adventure, you will be dubbed a knight, a duke, or a princess in a solemn ceremony, wearing the most splendid garb you can imagine!

Children who would like to challenge the Black Knight for a duel, and to be dubbed, must be at least 7 years of age. Younger children than that are welcome to take part in all the other challenges.

Parents and other guardians are responsible for their minors!

The Childrens Castle

The Cellar Hall

Do you like handicraft and creating things? In the Cellar Hall there is plenty to do for children of all ages. The castle servants are on hand and can show you how to make a fairy wand, how to fold and decorate a fairy cone, and how to paint a knight’s sword. You can paint as you like on our painter´s wall. There your contribution will be part of a great work of art, together with what everyone else has made.

In the Cellar Hall you will also find the children’s own store. Here you can buy things you need to make your handicraft, toys, and other fun things. When the Children’s Castle is closed, part of the assortment can be found in the Castle Shop inside the castle.

The Vasa Workshop offers activities for children ages 3 and up.

Historical wardrobe

Let the children try knight’s armor and beautiful dresses! In the squire’s tent they can try all the clothing and equipment that belongs to a true knight. In the wardrobe of the Cellar Hall await princess dresses, prince attire and other historical clothing.


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